Who We Are

The 2e Resource comes to you from Glen Ellyn Media partners Mark Bade and Linda Neumann, founders of 2e Twice-Exceptional Newsletter.  After 15 years, 2e Newsletter has a new format, new publishers, and a new name, 2e News. Find more information here:

What We Offer

Articles, links, advice from professionals, content from the archives of 2e Newsletter, and more   to help you better understand and meet  the needs of  your twice-exceptional child.


Research-based teaching strategies, technology tips, content from the archives of 2e Newsletter, and more to help you better understand your twice-exceptional students and help them achieve success.

Informative, easy-to-understand 25- to 40-page booklets in print or PDF versions. Great for expanding your own understanding of twice-exceptionality or for helping others to better understand it.

What's New?

Looking Ahead to Summer

Wondering how to keep a twice-exceptional kid engaged and active this summer? We’ve got some ideas to get you started in finding the right activities for summer fun. See our annual listing of 2e-friendly camps and programs. Read it.

A New Title in the Spotlight on 2e Series 

It’s What 2e Students Need: Setting Up 2e Learners  for Success. This latest addition to the series, based on research from the 2e Center for Research and Professional Development at Bridges Academy, looks at the six factors critical to 2e students’ success. Find out more and order here.

We’re Having a Sale

Glen Ellyn Media’s Spotlight on 2e Series Spring Sale has begun. Get any of our 12  titles at a discount price: $10 for a printed booklet (plus shipping) or $7 for a PDF (same content, no shipping charge). Additional discounts available for ordering the entire set. Find out more and order here. Sale ends April 27.